Neurontin: An Effective Pain-Killer

What Is Neurontin: Neurontin is responsible for affecting nerves and chemicals of body which cause seizure and many types of pain. Neurontin is also used for treatment of nerve pain caused by herpes virus and for treatment of partial seizures in children of 3-12 age groups.

It is also effective in treating hot flashes, migraines, pain and bipolar disorders. Significant relief is provided by Neurontin in one third of people against fibromyalgia. It is also useful in HIV related sensory neuropathy and neuropathic pain induced by cancer along with narcotic usage reduction.

However, Neurontin is not significantly affective for complex regional pain syndrome. In a number of countries, Neurontin is approved for treatment of focal seizures as well as partial and mix seizures and generalized epilepsy.

How Neurontin Works: Neurontin was originally synthesized as mimic of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)’s chemical structure which is a neurotransmitter.

Mechanism of quick analgesic effect of Neurontin drug is still unknown however some activity related to voltage-gated calcium channels operated by reduction of calcium currents in central nervous system is believed to be involved.

Some scientists suggest another possibility and that is blocking formation of new synapses by Neurontin.

Active ingredient of Neurontin is Gabapentin which works for stabilization of chemical activity in brain. Brain and nerves are made up of countless nerve cells and whole communication occurs within body through electric signals.

Careful regulation of this signaling is essential for proper functioning of nerves as well as brain. Abnormally rapid and repetitive release of signaling within brain causes overstimulation of brain, which results in disturbance of normal functioning of brain and resultant seizures.

Epileptic fits are prevented by Neurontin by providing effective inhibition of excessive brain activity. Neurontin is thought to do so by mimicking activity of GABA which is a neurotransmitter.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals originally stored within nerve cells and transmit messages between nerves. GABA is known as natural nerve calming agent and balance maintainer within brain.

Gabapentin which is active ingredient of Neurontin is similar in structure to GABA and so, facilitate calming of brain activity.

Neurontin Dosage: Over dosage of Neurontin (accidently or otherwise) can induce blurred vision, drowsiness even coma so, Neurontin should be taken exactly as prescribed by doctor.

No larger or smaller dosages for more or less than recommended time should be used by patients in case of Neurontin. Sudden stop in taking Neurontin can lead to seizure so do this slowly and gradually, over a minimum time period of one week.

Depending upon personal condition and medicine history, doctor will recommend safe procedure for Neurontin ingestion in the form of oral solution/tablets and patients should strictly follow that plan.

Usual daily dosage of Neurontin for adults is 900-1800 mg three times a day. Time between doses should not exceed 12 hours.

For nerve pain, 300mg dose for first day, 600mg for second day and 900 mg of Neurontin 300mg is recommended for third day in adults, for its proper adjustment within body systems.

Doctor can increase this daily dosage of Neurontin 300mg according to individual medical condition.

Side Effects Of Neurontin: Various side effects are associated with Neurontin some of which in adults are; weight gain, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness and peripheral edema.

But these effects of Neurontin are usually attributed to higher dosages. In children, Neurontin can produce hostility, hyper-activity, mood swings and concentration problems.

Neurontin can also induce allergic reactions like fever, hives, sores around mouth and eyes, swelling of facial features and difficulty in breathing. In case of more severe effects, Neurontin 300mg can induce agitation, depression, anxiety and suicidal tendency or self-hurting thoughts.