Neurontin Dosage

Understanding Neurontin dosage can give patients under this medication, a better idea on what to expect. This should allow the patient to properly prepare herself both physically and mentally before going through changes caused by Neurontin.

For those unfamiliar with Neurontin, Neurontin or Gabapentin is an effective medication treatment for people with epilepsy.

It is popularly used as anticonvulsant that prevents seizure episodes among epileptic patients. Other medical conditions such as shingles and herpes virus can also be treated with Neurontin.

Patients who are suffering from any particular medical condition such as heart problems, kidney complications, liver ailments and anything else aside from epilepsy are advised to disclose this information to their physician prior to Neurontin treatment.

This will help your doctor assess risks and efficiency of Neurontin in terms of your health condition and define correct neurontin dosage.

Like any other medication, Neurontin has its own drawbacks or side effects. These side effects can be classified into two groups, permanent and temporary.

Temporary side effects are usually not very alarming. The reactions are mainly due to the changes that are taking place inside the body and are normally tolerable.

Patients using Neurontin usually experience

  • drowsiness,
  • dizziness,
  • fever,
  • sore throat,
  • runny nose,
  • abnormal movements of the eye,
  • tremors, dry mouth, chills and bruising.

Neurontin Side Effects

Serious or severe side effects caused by Neurontin usually leave permanent damage which is why it is important to seek medical attention as soon as you see signs or manifestation of the problem.

These problems include

  • weight loss,
  • psoriasis,
  • kidney stone,
  • hypo or hyperthyroidism,
  • depression,
  • ulcers,
  • hiatal hernia,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • migraines,
  • hangover,
  • arthritis,
  • snoring and irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

Though these side effects can possibly occur during Neurontin medication they actually seldom do.

Other extreme side effects such as agitation, suicidal tendencies, hyperactivity and hostility are side effects caused by change in body’s hormone production caused by Neurontin.

These types of side effects must be immediately addressed by a professional or a physician. Resolving these problems on your own or without the help of an expert’s opinion can only lead to bigger problems and worst cause fatal results.

Some individuals also using Neurontin claim that their sexual drive has been affected by Neurontin.

According to them, after using Neurontin for some time they began experiencing lessened or loss of interest in sexual intercourse.

Aside from this, cases concerning delayed or inability to ejaculate have also been recorded followed by reports on loss of orgasm among women patients.

These side effects are the reason why Neurontin should only be taken as prescribed by the doctor. Some people experiencing these problems are quick to resort in taking other medicines.

However, this practice is definitely not advisable. Neurontin being anticonvulsant medicine does its work inside the brain to prevent seizure. This process can cause different reactions inside the body.

How the body responds to this entire process may differ depending on many factors. Ingesting additional medicine to control these reactions, without the doctor’s approval is definitely not a good idea.

Remember that many prescription and over-the-counter drugs have side effects.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to automatically suffer these discomforts when taking medications.

You only need to have the right attitude to save yourself from all this agony. Below are some tips to help us achieve a side-effect or if not pain-free medication.

The first step is to identify your options. Before going to your physician, check out available medications that you can choose from.

See which medicine best suit what you’re experiencing. You can check over the Internet to see reviews regarding available choices or you can ask recommendation from your friends or family members who have had similar experience and tried similar medicines.

Ask your doctor about your choice of medicine and discuss if it is applicable for your condition.

From here discuss the side effects you have gathered regarding the medicine. Ask your doctor how you can deal with these side effects and if possible prevent it from happening.

This way you can take necessary precautions in case certain side effects are inevitable.

When consulting your doctor, keep in mind to ask the medical expert about certain things you need to look out for to reduce the chances of encountering these side effects.

This means you should ask for advice regarding your daily dietary plan during the time you are taking certain medication which can lead to particular side effects. You should also ask about your daily exercise program that’s most suitable for you.

Also ask your doctor about certain things you need to avoid in order to prevent the onset of such side effects associated with the specific medication you need to take.

This will allow you to lower the possibility of getting the side effects caused by certain drugs.

Knowing the side effects of a medicine before taking them is very important, since this is also where you are going to formulate your preparations for defense.

These preparations are necessary to help reduce inconveniences that are usually part of taking medications especially strong medicines such as Neurontin.