Neurontin in Use

Neurontin is a type of medications that should be prescribed by your doctor only. The appropriate dosage is based on such factors as health condition, individual response to treatment and weight (in children).

The best way to decrease the risk of possible side effects is to take Neurontin at bedtime. It is recommended to swallow the prescribed dose with a full glass of liquid. The proper level of the medication should be constantly kept. It will improve the treatment.

Try to take your dose at the same time every day. If you have missed the dose, wait for the next one. It is important to take the full course of Neurontin treatment even if you feel well.

If the therapy is not completed you are risking to have a relapse. The efficiency of its treatment would be lower. Never change the dose without doctor’s approval.

Neurontin 300mg: Neurontin is a medication that belongs to anticonvulsants and used for treating such diseases as postherpetic neuralgia, epilepsy, partial seizures in children, etc.

The mechanism of its action is not clearly understood. Neurontin is supposed to work by decreasing the amount of increased agents in a body during the seizures or cases of certain pain.

Warnings and precautions

– Neurontin 300mg causes some allergic reactions. Make sure that you do not have allergy to gabapentin. Inform your doctor about all sorts of allergy you have.

– Notify your healthcare provider if you have liver, kidney or heart diseases and mental problems. Neurontin may worsen these conditions and cause serious disorders.

– Inform your doctor if you mostly work at night shifts. The time of taking Neurontin 300mg will probably be changed.

– It is not recommended to take Neurontin during the pregnancy or if you are planning it. When breastfeeding a baby this medication should also be rejected.

– The first months of treatment with Neurontin may cause some serious mental changes. The sudden thoughts of suicide or worsening of depression may occur.

It is important to be well-monitored by your doctor during this period. Try not to miss the scheduled visits and notify about your anxiety, indifference, depression and other conditions that trouble you.

Your family should be also alert about the possible mental problems.

– Neurontin is not recommended to be taken combined with antacids as they reduce its efficiency by decreasing the proper concentration of this drug.

Morphine, on the contrary, increases its concentration that leads to serious side effects.

– It is recommended to use a special alert tag or card that contains the information about your taking Neurontin 300mg. It would be useful to emergency medical help doctor in case you are unable to say it. Your dentist should also know about your taking this medication.

Neurontin may affect to your urinary laboratory tests on protein. Your doctor should be informed that you are taking this medication.

Side effects: The frightening side effects will not certainly occur and the medication was prescribed to you because of its possible benefits, not risks.

However Neurontin may cause the following side effects in adults:

  • confusion;
  • increased seizures;
  • common symptoms of flu;
  • swelling of feet;
  • unusual eyes movements;
  • severe dizziness;
  • trouble breathing;
  • breast swelling or increased sensitivity;
  • disbalance and loss of coordination;
  • constant weakness;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • headache;
  • behavior changes;
  • problems with memory and concentration;
  • anxiety and anger.

Inform your doctor or get emergency medical help if you have at least one of these symptoms.