Points to Remember about Neurontin

A common kind of chronic neurological disorder is Epilepsy. A person who suffers from Epilepsy experiences seizures as a result to hyper synchronous neuronal activity or aberrance in the brain.

Although there are said to be a lot of causes, trauma, brain illnesses, and misuse of drugs and alcohol are usually considered to be mostly allied to it.

According to studies, an alarming number of 500 million people worldwide are Epileptic. In ratio, it is equivalent to one of every one hundred people.

And in some cases of uncontrolled seizures, patients either end up having brain damage or worse — die.

What is the medicine?

When it comes to medication, Neurontin is Epilepsy’s downright solution. Gabapentin, Neurontin’s generic name, is the most trusted medicine used to treat seizures related to Epilepsy.

It is sometimes coined an anticonvulsant. This medicine tends to control chemicals and nerves in the body, which are linked to causing seizures.

Aside from Epilepsy, Neurontin is also known to have the ability to cure herpes virus.

Important information about the medicine

Since this medicine affects how the brain functions, some patients are triggered to commit suicide while under medication.

Alarming symptoms like mood changes, depression and hyperactivity are also noted reactions to the medicine.

The patient is obliged to tell these instances to the doctor immediately. The doctor needs to check the patient in a regular basis without any misses.

Instructions for taking medicine

Treatment does not happen overnight. It is not the doctor alone who is going to make it happen.

In response, the patient should be disciplined enough to follow directions regarding the dosage.

Some say that they already feel better that is why they stopped, but the real thing is that the medicine is just taking its gradual effect.

And if one suddenly ceased the dosage, there are chances of worse occurrences of seizures.

Before taking the medicine

It is important for a person to know one’s body especially when going through medication.

Prior to consuming Gabapentin, the doctor must know if his patient has allergies or any vital organ disease. Like in Neurontin, some people are found out to be allergic to it.

There is also a big emphasis on its unwanted effects on patients who are currently pregnant or have expected pregnancy.

How should I take the medicine?

The intake of Neurontin comes in different terms. It can be consumed solely, and in some cases it has to be combined with other medicines. A person should be at least 12 years old to have the full medication.

Neurontin is safe to consume with or without food. For Neurontin tablets, if you are prescribed to take one half of it, make sure to intake the other half immediately at the next dose.

For Neurontin liquid, measuring spoons are recommended to be used for precision.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Neurontin is not considered to be a minor kind of medicine that has minimal effects. So if a patient tends to miss a dose, he must immediately take the missed dose.

But if it’s already the period of the next dosage, it is advised to just skip the missed one. It is also not advisable to cope up with the missed dose by taking extra medicine.

What happens if I over dose

Too much of anything is dangerous. In case of overdose, the Poison Help line should be called at 1-800-222-1222.

Over dosage of Neurontin may result to difficulties in vision, drowsiness, faintness, speech problems or diarrhea.

What should I avoid while taking the medicine?

A patient should not intake Neurontin and antacids at the same time. Antacids are likely compelled to contravene with Neurontin’s efficacy.